Optimization for Innovation: Reset – Conference Program Announced

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Optimization for Innovation: Reset – Conference Program Announced
We are excited to release the program for the Inaugural Optimization for Innovation conference, taking place December 6-8, 2010 in Santa Clara California.

Chris Curran, CTO at Diamond Management & Technology Consultants, gets things started with the opening keynote on Meeting the Expectation of Innovation:

What do business and technology executives want from the Chief Information Officer? “Innovative thinking” and “leadership abilities” according to the third-annual “Digital IQ” survey from Diamond Management & Technology Consultants. Chris Curran, Diamond’s CTO and co-author of the report, notes that, for the CIO, creating new products and services that boost revenue and enhance customer service translates into power and influence within the enterprise. But even though the skill and creativity to help design and execute externally facing initiatives solidifies a CIO’s C-Suite status, most CIOs are focused on improving internal processes. Too much attention on the inside could get CIOs ousted from the C-Suite.

In this keynote presentation, Curran, who works closely with Fortune 1000 clients on many of their most fundamental IT challenges, is also author of the popular CIO Dashboard blog and a columnist for CIO.com, will set the stage for the conference by discussing why CIOs must rise to meet the challenge of innovation and how they can deliver results.

Specifically, executives will walk away with a professional and organizational action plan to:

Deliver the level of innovation and leadership that the CEO expects
Think like an innovator while operating as a manager
Achieve the “trifecta” of success that is setting some CIOs apart
Joining Curran on Tuesday’s agenda, we have a great case study from Cisco’s HR, Finance and IT organizations, a session on Avoiding Data and Process Headaches by Forrester’s Rob Karel, and a thought provoking talk by Aleks Buterman on Innovation, Change and Management in the New Normal.

Day two of the conference, Faisal Hoque of BTM Corporation, opens with a keynote on Creating Sustainable Innovation by Optimizing Business Processes:

Innovation happens when business models and processes create new value in the marketplace. But innovation only becomes effective when it is part of that process: a leader recognizes a need, assembles an organization, designs processes around it, and then applies business technology to make it work. Today, most of these models and processes are enabled by business technology. It is not the invention of a new technology that matters so much as it is its application: understanding its role when developing a strategy, and executing that strategy in a manner that allows an organization to optimize the value originally intended to advance the organization’s “business.”

Attendees will learn:

Importance of approaching innovation through repeatable processes in order to create sustainability versus one-time, opportunistic methods
Creative thinking and creative problem solving that can support rapid idea generation and diffusion across the enterprise
Explore business models that aid in the differentiation of an organization’s core offerings from that of its competitors
Value realized through improved strategic planning, business leadership and management capability to support relentless execution
Need for business readiness and communication plans that aid stakeholders in the cultural change initiatives associated with innovation
Joining Hoque on Wednesday’s agenda, we have another great case study, this one by Christopher Rieder, SVP & CIO or VITAS Innovative Hospice Care, and an expert session on Business Architecture Trends by Andrew Guitarte of Wells Fargo.