Turning an Office Green

Turning an Office Green

When it comes to being environmentally friendly offices are some of the worst performing buildings in the world. Thanks to their heavy use of paper and electronics the amount of waste they produce is staggering and has caused uproar in the green community. Many serviced offices are now being transformed to become more environmentally friendly and energy efficient to reduce the carbon footprint caused by the buildings.

The biggest problem that all offices face is their huge consumption of paper. Billions of tonnes of paper are used every year by offices and it is estimated that 90% of this paper is currently thrown away to landfill sites rather than being recycled. One of the most significant breakthroughs has been the advent of technology that reduces the need for paper. Many modern offices are taking advantage of cloud computing and electronic communication as well as storing important files on computer storage instead of filing cabinets.

However all of this technology also comes with its own problems as they consume electricity throughout the day. Technology is fortunately becoming more energy efficient but there is still a long way to go. Many offices make use of large servers and desktop PCs that use a lot of energy. Laptops help to save energy and also electricity bills as they are generally consume much less power.

One of the most inefficient uses of energy that offices are guilty of is the use of fluorescent lighting instead of energy saving bulbs. Investing in a good set of energy saving light bulbs will significantly reduce the electricity used as well as providing massive savings to the electricity bill, just make sure to turn them off overnight.

Creating an environmental policy in an office is a smart step forward and having the employees take part in the scheme can result in a business making significant savings on their utilities and paper bills.